Sunday, November 20, 2011

This phenomenon called Skrillex

What is it about Skrillex? Everyone seems to love and/or hate him, he's become an electro-superstar-phenomenon before he's even released an album?!  I think the intrigue lies in his eclectic, hyperactive, schizophrenic mix of different electro genres. The way he can send you through so many different styles in one track, it's as if he connected his brain into his computer and let it record his mind while he was listening to five different stereos at once.

Personally I'm very intrigued by this fascinating cute/handsome/rocked-out little electro whizz kid. Dubstep can be a bit too much for me, I don't really care for it all that much, but even I can't deny a good track if the melody and the beat and the "everything" is just right. Like this Skrillex "oldie" which is MY favourite track of his...

I've been beating my self up for missing out on Skrillex last summer when he played Parklife in Manchester (I was busy watching Grandmaster Flash) so I am very excited to hear that he will be playing at the Hove Festival next summer! He has even sold out a massive gig in Oslo already. There's no end to Skrillex's ascent into to electro heaven.

What is your opinion on this electric imp? Do you like his intense sound or does all the hype put you off?

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