Thursday, February 17, 2011

Digital Love

Music. Whoever invented it was a bloody genius. Well done, you unknown caveman of yore.

I don't think there is anyone out there that would go "Music? Hate it!" It'd be like going "Food? Ew! Hate the stuff!" Yes, I know it's pretty bold of me to compare the need for music to something as principally life-sustaining as food. But considering how insightful, almost metaphysical, and consequently damn emotional, philosophical and bathetic (fitting word) the human race has become because of our big brains and that, I make that comparison with much conviction. After all, this is my blog. (And it is just a blog. Read a book if you want to prove me wrong).

No wonder people call music food for the soul. It can sooth you and stroke it's ethereal hand across your face, or it can lift you by the skin of your neck and make you go that extra mile. It understands you when you're feeling down, it screams with you when your angry, it smiles with you when you're happy, and it parties with you when you're going out. All of those things!

"What are you trying to tell us, Even? With your unnecessarily wordy blog post..." Well, I'm sure a lot of you out there listen to a lot of different music. You check your iPod and go "Yeah! That is quite a decent and eclectic list of music I've got there!" I think that about my list. But just recently I got that feeling that I was just so fed up with all of my music. There was nothing I could be bothered listening to. I even preferred leaving home without my music! So what to do? I needed a new musical shot of superdrugs.

Enter Daft Punk. Simple as this, really: Went to see Tron: Legacy. And I was hooked. No, not hooked: Lost! I was lost in the world - no, no world: UNIVERSE! of Daft Punk. Yeah I know, they've been around for years. People give me incredulous looks when I say I've just "discovered" Daft Punk. You probably remember "Around the world", "One More Time", "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" and all those songs - they were played to shreds on all radio stations and TV channels. I know, I remember too. Just didn't care much for that kind of music at the time.

Talk about reorganisation! The musical neurons in my brain must have a must have taken a disappointed look at the dusty same old record collection and thought "We need to do something drastic." And they sent me rocketing into the Daft Punk Universe. Because it IS a universe. With Daft Punk you get the entire package. Everyone remembers the weird anime-like music videos of the previously mentioned songs? If you didn't know, they're taken from a feature-length anime movie called "Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem"which Daft Punk created together with anime creator Leiji Matsumoto.

I've seen it and it is frickin' awesome. There are no spoken words in the film; just the entire Discovery album played in its entirety. Work of genius, if you ask me (The unknown caveman would have been proud).

They did the same with their following album, Human After All (Does the name ring a bell? Yep, pretty much inspired the name of this blog). Electroma is quite an arty film, and I'm not one for arty films... Of course I had to check it out because of Daft Punk, and I must say it really made an impression on me. In Electroma, Daft Punk's music isn't played at all. Instead they've selected quite a varied list of songs to fit the speech-less movie.

"What is so awesome about Daft Punk?" you might ask. "I mean, they're alright, but why this sycophantic obsession?" For me, it's the attitude. Look at them. Their anonymous robot-like appearance with those super insanely cool helmets and leather outfits custom-made by Dior. Well, I'm sold. Many attribute their fame specifically to their helmet-wearing anonymity. It's that "want-what-you-can't-have" thing, isn't it? Also, I think those helmets evokes a sense of awe and mystery associated with aliens and space monsters and whatnot. It's fascinating and weird. They just look damn cool to me.

I mean, look at the Tron: Legacy premiere. Two anonymous robot people - in suits!!
(Daft Punk at the Tron: Legacy premiere. Thomas Bangalter (right) is all like "Yeah, I'm a robot and your puny gravitational forces don't apply to me and my space-robot-awesomeness so Imma just stand here all tilted like this. Deal with it, earth-flesh-bitches." And Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (left) is just like "Yeah, that's right space-robot-brother. You show those weird organic human-things how we do it." Awesome.)

They have a massive following of fans all around the world. Their live shows are rare and in SUPER high demand. Their last appearance was at the French band Phoenix's gig in the Madison Square Garden. I'll leave you with a clip from their surprise appearance. At approximately 2:55 the crowd goes wild - and with good reason.


  1. Daft Punk is loooove<3 And this is an awesome writing :) ...I searched google for Interstella pics and ended up here... I'm making a presentation for school about Interstella 5555. I showed once some clip from Interstella to my friend and she was all like "...Why do they keep on saying 'One More Time'? Don't they say anything else? blah, boooriiiing" ...Interstella is one of my favourite movies, Electroma is ok (I don't like arty movies either) and I'd love to see Tron.
    Thanks for nice blog!

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Limea :D I would definitely recommend you check out Tron, although the music in that movie is quite different to your "usual" Daft Punk ;)

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