Friday, February 18, 2011


I've got a radio show with my mate on the University of Manchester student radio station, Fuse FM. My mate's name is Chris and he is funny as hell. Much funnier than me; you know, in that clever way. I just provide the lunacy, absurdity, and general goofiness.

The show is called Radiowipe. The original idea was to do a spin-off of Charlie Brooker's ingenious Newswipe, but in a radio format. However, we've ended up with something quite different. It's a talk show of some sorts. We discuss weird stories and usually end up digressing and straying far from the original story, which I think is what makes it funny. As most amateur-student radio hosts, we started off very nervous and unsure, but still enjoying ourselves immensely. And we have grown and become a lot more experienced (at least in my view (ears?)) in the short time we've been with Fuse.

So far we've done three "seasons" or broadcasts, and the fourth broadcast has just started. Unfortunately Fuse FM haven't got all year broadcasts. Hence, they broadcast two months every academic year; a four week period in the autumn semester and another one in the spring semester.

So tomorrow Radiowipe is back on air! This will be our last season as Chris and I are both third year students. But we promise you that this will be our best season ever. We've got jingles and features and everything! So from 2pm till 4pm you can tune into 87.7fm if you're anywhere in Manchester and prefer the old-fashioned radio, or simply visit the Fuse FM website and launch the live player.

Chris in the studio. He doesn't usually look this suave and contemplative. Rather, he has a look of nervousness and panic, probably out of fear for what mistakes I will make or things I will say next.

This is me in the studio. I don't usually look like this, either. I'm just looking goofy for the camera. Usually, my look is one of vacuous, infantile, and blissful ignorance and excitement over being on the radio.

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