Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday rhythms

It's finally Friday yet again! Weekend!

I want to share three new songs with you - indeed, this shall be a weekly thing (let me know if you like it or not). The songs are yet again of an electronic/disco variety, as it is the only music I listen to nowadays... This week I've chosen some "groovy" songs for you - as a drummer, a good groove is my weak spot, my kryptonite.

We start of with a classic! I remember this one from the good ol' 90s - a decade where a lot of good (and a lot of crap!) club music was made. This one is from Blue Boy, a Scottish DJ, and this was pretty much his only mainstream hit. I remember being completely mesmerised by the groove of this song at the time, and I still am. It's got that sexy, suggestive, funky, confident rhythm - something you can listen to while walking down the street and suddenly makes you feel ultra-coooooool and start strutting, haha.

Next one is from Le Knight Club. This is Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's little side project with a friend called √Čric Chedeville. Their songs seems very "designed" to be easy to mix in with a DJ-set. It's not disco pop tunes like Daft Punk, but just good grooves that they've looped. "Gator" is my absolute favourite. When I hear a groove like this it's like I don't want it to stop. It could go on forever! (The same can be said about this (unofficial) music video...)

Last, but not least, my favourite groove of them all: The intro bit on Daft Punk's "Face to Face". In my head this groove just clicked. It is a "complete" groove, in my ears absolutely perfect. This song immediately caught my attention as I had never heard it before when I bought the Discovery album. It is definitely my favourite Daft Punk track. Hope you like it too. Have an awesome weekend! 
(PS! Please, feel free to give me your suggestions for songs you think I should check out!)


  1. Nice stuff Even, keep it coming!

    To keep to the electronic theme, I would like to recommend the artist M83. I think he is french. Check out for instance his song Kim and Jesse, from the excellent album Saturdays = youth. Dreamy emo-electropop :)

  2. Thanks Jallafsen! Loved the song! Smooooth... :)