Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Friday Music

You're probably busy sipping gin while wiping your tears with the Union Jack to the British national anthem and the much longed-for Will and Kate kiss! Yes, 'tis a glorius day and a cause for celebration. And if you're planning on celebrating the big event with a party later on, then I've got some musical suggestions for ya! Perhaps the title of this blogpost is somewhat misleading considering none of the songs have a royal theme. Nevertheless, they are cracking.

First up is a remix from a new DJ I stumbled across, called U-Tern. The song is called Let Me Out and it's by what I presume to be a band called Grand Theft, and some girl called Alexi Turner.

Grandtheft - Let Me Out feat. Alixe Turner (U-Tern Remix) by U-Tern

The next song is also a remix made by some Australian DJs calling themselves Bag Raiders. They've remixed the song "I Won't Let Go" by British synthpop duo Monarchy. In my opinion they've made it so much better in the way that they've combined an old-school 90's sound with a more modern sound.

The last song is not electro music, but rather awesome hip hop from the veterans Beastie Boys! The music video for their newest single is epic. If you haven't already seen it you're in for a treat. Unfortunately, the Beastie Boys also became victims for what seems to be the usual trend in the music industry: someone got hold of their unreleased material and leaked the whole album on the internet. Consequently, Beastie Boys decided to make their entire album available on their website. But I suggest you show them your love and dedication (if you like their music) by buying their album when it gets released. And in the meantime you can enjoy their latest music video and see how many celebs you can spot.

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