Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Friday...

...Gotta get down on Friday!
Sorry about that. I'm not going to torment you with washed-up internet phenomena Rebecca Black. It's not even funny. And besides, this blog post is all about GOOD music.
Like I do every Friday, I'm going to introduce you to music I'm listening to at the moment. Hopefully it's something you haven't heard before (even though I've blogged about all the artists this week earlier) and that you might even enjoy listening to!

First off this week, the Australian duo of which I posted a song last week: Bag Raiders. They're awesome! They're fairly new on "the scene" (why am I trying to make myself sound like a veteran? I'm even newer on "the scene"! Jeeez...) and have only released one eponymous album so far, last year. I recommend you check them out. Here's one of my favourite tracks of their album:

Second song is also from an artist which I have posted before. Robotaki, the 19 year old kid (am I old?) from Canada. He is truly genius when it comes to remixing tunes. This was the first song I heard of his and I immediately fell in love. Hah! How pertinent considering the title of the song...

Last song this week is from the iconic deities of electro music: Daft Punk. The track is called "Teachers" and for a good reason. The lyrics simply consist of a list of all their idols who inspired them to start making music. I can think of no cooler way to honour your sources of inspiration. I know I discovered a lot of DJ's simply from listening to the lyrics on this track. And such an awesome track it is as well. Enjoy and have a good weekend!

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