Friday, May 13, 2011

Music. It's Friday.

For this week's blogpost I tried to find some profound quote about music to use as a headline. They were all too cliché, so I typed 'music' into youtube to see what came up as the first results: Fucking Rebecca Black is one of the first videos...??? Doesn't bode well for the industry, does it? (I'm 26 and already I hear a voice in the back of my head going "Bloody kids and their music...")

So I've got three new gems of GOOD music that I want to share with you this week. First off is a new song by Grum, a DJ from England. It says on his wiki-page that he is known for "liking crackers and snacks"... Weird. Can't remember whether I've blogged about him before. No harm in repeating his name or music, though, because he's good. He debuted last year with his album Heartbeats (check it out) and is not shy to admit his admiration for the Gods of electro, Daft Punk. A source of inspiration which is quite apparent (Daft Punk's Television Rules The Nation) in his new remix of Urchins' "Xylophobe":

Urchins - Xylophobe (Grum Remix) by GRUM

The second track is by a DJ collaboration between The Magician and a guy called Yuksek. Together , they call themselves Peter and The Magician and their first track is "Twist", which I heard in a DJ set by U-Tern. I really like this track. Makes you want to do the Robot - 80s style. Haha.

The last track I'm going to share with you this week is a track my good friend Chris told me about. He stumbled across it in a Halo gameplay montage on youtube!?! Usually gameplay montages are set to some nu metal or hardcore trance or some other angry genre of music. Never GOOD music (or very rarely). This track, though, is an absolute gem. The band is called Vacationer, which is damn fitting because this song makes me want to leave everything behind and just go to a desert island and just lie on the beach and do fucking nothing. The song is even called "Trip"!! I think you'll get what I mean when you hear the song. Enjoy.
(PS! You can download the song for FREE on their website)

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