Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We are but human

I think we all go through periods where we sometimes feel a bit sad and blue. Be it due to lack of motivation, inspiration, love, money, success, whatever. The sources can be many and often overlapping.

I'll be honest and admit that I'm currently in a state where things aren't exactly "cool"... But then I stop and think about how trivial my problems really are "in the big scheme of things". I'm really ridiculously lucky to live such a good life.

But sometimes that might be hard to appreciate because there is a discrepancy between my reason (which keeps reminding me how lucky I am) and my emotions (which remind me I'm unhappy). Trivial issues (or nuisances) are termed first world problems by some, which might be quite fitting in many cases...

It's alright to feel sad, it's only human, but remember that you are lucky.

I always watch this video (accompanied by a brilliant track) by the Danish band WhoMadeWho when I need a reality-check...

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