Saturday, April 27, 2013

Get Shredded, Get Playful, Get Inspired, Get Lucky.

In the wake of this upcoming Daft Punk album (I trust you've already heard the single? If not, then I admire your skill at willfully staying away from music, entirely.)

Daft Punk are "going back in order to go forwards", according to Nile Rodgers, one of the main collaborators on the album. Trying to re-invent the magic of the 70s and 80s dance floor era. Personally, I think it's a noble (read: awesome) mission. Who doesn't like a bit of disco? Even though it might not be your genre of choice, one almost can't help but move, as if stirred on some unconscious, instinctual level.

Anyways, I have given Daft Punk and the upcoming album sufficient fawning hyperbole (reading my blog lately must be like watching an excessively infatuated couple who can't keep their fingers, tongues, and tentacles off each other. Somewhat sickening, but also enviable in the sense that having such euphoric feelings does feel fantastic). What I wanted to do was simply share some videos and music with you.

Here's a so-called 'shredded' version of the Get Lucky music video. Funny as hell! I expect this is what people will sound like when they're singing/humming along to the track through headphones.

Someone discovered that if you sped Get Lucky up to 128bpm, Pharrell Williams ended up sounding eerily much like Michael Jackson! Another guy made this version in which he kept the original bpm, but pitched it up and added some MJ trademark 'noises'. The result is quite remarkable. It makes you think that had Michael Jackson been alive...

Since Nile Rodgers is such an essential collaborator and source of inspiration on this album, I have listened to a lot of Chic's music lately. Through Youtube I found some very cool and true-to-the-original 'edits' made by a Norwegian electronic artist called Todd Terje.

Lastly, I'd like to share some rare 'memorabilia' from the Discovery album. The famous voice from the tracks "One More Time" and "Too Long" belongs to DJ/singer Romanthony. This is him improvising an unplugged version of Daft Punk's trademark hit, One More Time. It's so simple, unpolished, and soulful. I really really like it (and I know that doesn't surprise you). Hope you enjoy it too!

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