Sunday, August 26, 2012

Electric Copenhagen, featuring Henrik Schwarz and a fanboy

This week Copenhagen turned electric, music-wise, thanks to the electronic music festival Strøm festival.

I know what you must be thinking: 'Some blog this is, telling me about a electronic music festival AFTER it has taken place?' Well, to be honest I barely just found out about it myself. And in the nick of time, because as fate would have it one of my favourite electronic artists, the deep house connoisseur,  Henrik Schwarz, was playing!

So on the Friday I made my way down to Enghaveparken in Copenhagen where they had put up a mini festival with two stages. The entrance fee? 20kr! Let me say that again, more emphatically: 20 KRONER! How's that for an awesome festival?? That is a ridiculously low price considering the artists they had on: Ritchie Hawtin, Octave One, and of course my favourite Henrik Schwarz.

I only went for a couple of hours, on my own... But Oh Lawdy was it worth it. And look who I ran into while waiting for the gig to start! The man himself, Henrik Schwarz! (You'll have to apologise for the poor picture quality but I had to get a snappy picture using the front cam on my phone)

What a gentleman and what an awesome gig it was. One hour of staggeringly beautiful, pumping, neuron firing, first class mixing of deep house. You could give this man a sound sample of an acid jazz sax solo, Tibetan throat singing, Irish folk songs, a four year old banging on a toy xylophone, anything, and Mr. Schwarz would still be able to make an awesome electronic mix out of it! He is one of the most wanted names on the (deep) house scene at the moment because of his musical flair and ability to push and cross boundaries between musical genres.

 If you haven't heard any of his stuff yet I wholeheartedly recommend you do! (Alternative music source)

(And join me in Copenhagen next summer for the next Strøm festival, if they haven't raised the cover charge to 25kr... Which would create an uproar...)

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