Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Daft Punk - "No End" to the rumours... (Edit)

After posting this blog last week I had a little exchange of tweets with the maker of HarderBloggerFaster who informed me that these rumours started circulating after Lady Gaga's photographer said he had been booked to take pictures of Daft Punk's tour next year...! Now now, then! This makes it all the more interesting and it also makes Even seem like a rash and ill-informed blogger who does poor research. However, it was never my intention to completely rule out any possibility of an upcoming return of Daft Punk. I only meant to be skeptical about these supposed 'leaks'. 

Nevertheless, the supposed album cover has yet again been appeared on twitter, this time by a French singer called Yelle. HBFblog speculates on an early 2013 album release and a subsequent tour. I'm starting to be convinced that something is stirring in Daft Punk-land, but choose to maintain my skepticism until other more convincing news appear on the surface. Either way, I can't tell you how excited I am!)

So recently a headline on the internet ripped the eyeballs out of my head and roundhouse kicked them back into place while my heart jumped out of its allocated place in my thorax and decided to throw a two second rave and all my other organs were invited. Then they all fell quietly and disappointed back into place.

The headline read "Daft Punk album cover leaked. Possible 2013 tour?"

Oh lawdy, have mercy! Like so many other converts to electro and house, my house-revelation came in the divine form of Daft Punk. I heard the light! And the smallest little whisper of a rumour that anything new might be granted unto mankind by the French holinesses of house REALLY gets my house juices pumping!

Now a little lecture on how to get views on your little interwebs site: Create an insane but plausible rumour about something insanely popular. Say, for example, Daft Punk. The mysterious robot recluses, who give no hint whatsoever about anything happening, ever. You know they won't confirm it, but neither will they deny it, they will just be Daft Punk: Quiet. So it's a win-win for the website. The internet rumour mill is already glowing red hot and the music press is running out of internet ink.

So what caused this rumour in the first place? Well, this is the alleged 'leaked' album cover, which critics (and photoshop-adept internet peeps) quickly realised was simply the cover of Daft Punk's first album 'Homework' with inverted colours... *slow sarcastic clap* You need a better trick than that up your sleeves to trick an army of cybergeeks.

Alas! This rumour is fake. Fakedy-fake-fake. Like unicorns, horoscopes, and democracy... (*Bam bam BAAAH* Dramatic music! Relax, this is not a place for political views. I don't have any. And obviously no good jokes either...)

But the internet rumour mill didn't stop there! Even an alleged ' new album' (yes, the entire album!) appeared on youtube! If the leaked album cover didn't fool anyone, how could the maker(s) of this tripe even begin to imagine that the soldiers of cyberspace would believe this to be a genuine Daft Punk album? They probably didn't... Again, it's just about getting hits and views on your site/video, fueled by desperate fans wanting to see/hear for themselves. You be the judge:

No, no, no. When the time comes for the deities of house, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, to release new material, it will far surpass some cheap, unimaginative, and derivative attempt at Justice. The world will know when Daft Punk is ready, the pillars of the earth will tremble from the bass not yet heard within the four dimensions of reality, and the Tricolore will radiate in neon colours. It will be glorious and riots and civil wars will probably break out over concert tickets.

To conclude: We know nothing certain about Daft Punk's future material. The supposed 'leaked material' is 99.9999999...(continue till the 9-key wears out)...% fake. The only thing we do know, the only little teaser that has been revealed so far is that the legendary producers Nile Rodgers and also Giorgio Moroder have collaborated with Daft Punk on some material. They reveal very little, except for praising the musical genius of the two French house-gods. Take a look and feel excited!

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