Monday, June 27, 2011

It's now or ever...

I'm quite lazy. I often give myself the excuse "I'm going to do it, but later when the time is right and I've got more time on my hands". The problem is that a time like that never comes. There is never a time when I think "Now I've got time to do that thing (or all those things) which I promised myself I'd do". Even worse, whenever I get a free slot in my "busy" schedule, the motivation which I had at the time when I thought "I'd do it later" is gone. And I do nothing.

So many times have I been lying in bed unable to sleep and suddenly come up with a (ostensibly) brilliant idea. Did I write it down? No, I thought "I'd work on it tomorrow. This idea is so good there's no way I'll forget it". Next day it's gone. It's weird how after 26 years I still do these things, even though I know the outcome. I know the ideal thing to do is act on an idea as soon as possible or at least write it down. If not I'll never do anything about it.

As I'm writing this I'm sat in my childhood home in Norway thinking about loads of stuff I should be doing. Working on my applications for education next year, writing a CV, try to learn a new music making software I've acquired, play the drums, work out... Some of it is important business, but some of it is just hobbies! And still I struggle to muster the motivation to do stuff? What's wrong with me?? Perhaps I'm thinking too much about it...? Less thinking, more doing?

My point is the 'right time' you are waiting for might never come because there's something else you'll be preoccupied with. So try and act on an idea/a chore/an assignment/whatever as soon as possible or at least put it down in your schedule or diary. Or blog for that matter... Because this is just as much an admonition toward myself as it is potentially a reminder to you. Now, I'm off to... Do stuff.

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