Friday, June 3, 2011

Sunny Friday

Finally a bit of summer! At last it feels like the summer is really coming on. For those who are finished with their academic or professional duties it is a chance to enjoy the weather and appreciate the freedom. Others are unfortunately still revising or doing work, which means they might not be able to enjoy the outdoors as much as they'd wish. But that doesn't mean you cannot get in the right summer mood! All it takes is some summer music; music that makes you dream of white beaches and good times. Here are three summer-inducing musical suggestions.

The first track is by Thomas Bangalter who released his own material outside of Daft Punk on his own record label RoulĂ©. Both Thomas and Guy-Manuel's extracurricular music is quite different to the Daft Punk music as it is more pure house than a pop track. It's as if the tracks are designed to be mixed and DJ'ed with. Some might think of the tracks as quite repetitive, but I'll quote a youtube-DJ who said about french house: "It's your favourite parts of the song on repeat". Couldn't agree more. Plus, you've got to love the opening on this track, especially considering the title. Makes me thirsty.

The next track is one I found on the French Express website. It's a track by a band from San Francisco called Social Studies which has been remixed by an LA based DJ calling himself Plastic Plates. He has remixed their song 'Body language' into a proper beach party track.

The last track is by Chris Malinchak, French Express' wonder boy. In my opinion, all of his music evokes a yearning for long summer nights, unnecessarily ornate cocktails, and beach parties. This track is his last release. Just look at the Baywatch-like, California-in-the-90s video. Bring on the summer!

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