Friday, June 17, 2011

Time for some 'Ed banging

I know I am forever banging the drum for French house, but what can I do? It's like when someone has just fallen in love; they won't shut up about their new 'perfect partner' - kind of charming, kind of annoying, but in the end it's passion and enthusiasm. And these are good times if you are a fan of French house! (If you're not you should check it out; it makes for cracking party music). Ed Banger Records (which I have blogged about before) are currently releasing a wave of awesomeness on the world of electro music with releases from SebastiAn, Breakbot, and the slightly more exoteric and popular Justice. Here are some examples of how the "French do it better"!

I've already talked about SebastiAn in other blogposts, but I recently bought his album 'Total' which was released on the 6th of June. SebastiAn has been a producer, DJ and remixer for years and has only now released his own debut album. And what an awesome album it is! Electrorgasm! (A bit of journalistic neologism for you there. I do apologise...). The way he plays around with samples, melody lines, string sections, and distortions is just mind boggling. It's dark and twisted, it's pompous and feel-good. It's ear candy! ("Life is like a box of chocolate..." and so on). In the blogpost I've linked to in the first paragraph you can find his first single 'Embody', but I thought I should share with you another track of the album which I very much like: 'Love in Motion'.

Breakbot is another DJ on Ed Banger records who also is getting ready to release a proper album, but information is still sparse and vague. However, his track 'Fantasy' which was on an Ed Banger compilation album already in 2010 has just been released with a new music video, fuelling the speculations of an album release. Breakbot's music can be described as sort of feel-good disco. And the new video is truly funny, charming and sweet. Such a good track too.

And then there are the Titans of electro, Justice. Their latest single 'Civilization' has already been played lots on the radio. It also appeared in an extended Adidas commercial prior to the official release. I love this track and  I cannot wait for the album! Now the official music video has been released, adding further symbolism and depth to the pompous and awesome (in the literal sense of the word) sound of the track. I think the video is kind of sad in a way. Check it out for yourselves.

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