Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas house

I wanted to see if there actually existed christmas themed house music out there on the interwebz, perhaps some decent remixes of christmas classics. Turns out there are A LOT of utterly abominable amateur remixes of pretty much every christmas song you can't think of... (they're all on youtube, look it up if you appreciate poorly ejay-mixed techno). Instead, I'll share with you a couple of old school house tracks that at least have Christmassy titles, and one track that can be tenuously linked to winter and, thus, also Christmas *cough-farfetched-cough*.

The first two "old school" house tracks are by Le Knight Club, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's side project when he's not rocking the world with Daft Punk. Although they might not induce that Christmas spirit in you, they at least have Christmassy titles! 

The last track is one I heard on the radio yesterday (played by the brilliant DJ Friendly). I'm preeeeetty sure "Red man rising" has something to do with Father Christmas perhaps...? (I told you the link would be tenuous) But at least it's by someone calling themselves the Futuristic Polar Bears and that's a bit Christmassy, right? Right...? Anyway, it's an awesome track in my opinion. So with these tracks I would just like to wish everyone a very merry christmas and an awesome new year! Feliz navidad and all that. Yay!

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