Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flaws under black squares

Stumbled upon this gem on The Hype Machine. I guess you can't call it house music (although it's begging for a banging remix which undoubtedly will pop up on youtube before you can say "someone should make a remix of this tra... Ah, there we are") but it is a lovely little electro tune from an English band called Bastille.

I'm not usually one for electronic tracks with singing all over it, but Bastille being an indie band the lyrics are alpha and omega. And I've got to say these lyrics are quite sweet. Here's their official youtube video. Don't ask me why it's covered by hundreds of seemingly pointless black squares (it's probably one of Bastille's flaws, ey?? *ba dum tsss* Sorry...), but you can cross them out and somewhere beneath them is a video of some kind. Enjoy.

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