Thursday, May 3, 2012

Icelandic house and World of Warcraft...?

Stumbled across this little piece of deep house from an Icelandic electro group called GusGus. Exotic!

I often find that music videos for electronic music can be very creative, funny, and aesthetically pleasing. However, in some cases it all gets a bit... pretentious... I really like this track, and I guess it sort of induces a feel of drama, graveness, and 'serious faces', haha. But come on, one of the youtube comments even thinks the costumes look like World of Warcraft gear...!

I'm all for a bit of theatre, but it should compliment the music, not make you wonder what this has to do with a group of grown up people running around showing off in an Icelandic landscape, which by the way is undeniably scenic.

The track is good, though!

I also recommend you check out this live performance of theirs if you enjoyed the above track...

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