Monday, May 21, 2012

Randomness and Star Wars hip-hop robes

So it turns out that British comedian Peter Serafinowicz is proving a rather creative and adept music video director...! The man has directed the music video for Hot Chip's new track "Night & Day", starring both musician/comedian Reggie Watts and supermodel Lara Stone as spaceship flying aliens and actor Terence Stamp as a sort of headmaster/group leader of a band of bouncing dancers dressed in some sort of hip-hop onesie/hoodie-robes inspired by the robes worn by the Jawas in Star Wars... Did somebody say "What"?

Mix in a giant egg-princess on a pedestal and some buff-looking male models and it all makes perfectly no sense at all. By all means, feel free to look for any kind of symbolism (making you either a genius or off your face on drugs) or just enjoy the track...!

(PS! Some words from the director himself: "Many animals were harmed during the making of this video. Regrettably, none of them them made the final edit." P. Serafinowicz)

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